Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Cooking Experiences!!!!

Hmmm.... now u ppl might think that where this blog is going???
Yesterday only, I posted my shayari on this blog along with a boring philosophy on "shayari" and today it's about cooking!!!!

It's just that I read Neel's blog(in my "Links" section) on his cooking exp. Reading his blog reminded me of my cooking exp.s

I was in chennai back then..... Of course, I was not alone in this cooking-extravaganza; it was me, Aby and Vivek trying our hands in this completely new field.
Our culinary skills were limited to only 3 items.
1. masala rice
2. rice & sambhar
3. rice(or masala-rice) & mor-curry. ('Mor' means curd in malayam)

No rotis or chapatis.
Once I tried cooking potato (going against the warnings from Aby n Vivek) and i am sure that i added only potatoes in the frying-pan but somehow when i opened the frypan after some time, the potatoes got converted into something similar to koyla(charcoal). That was the only effort I made for cooking a vegetable.

We all were happy(rather I shud say, we had to be happy) with our variety of rices. Work was devided almost equally among three of us.

-I used to cook masala-rice. It's nothing like I knew the recipe or I had cooked it before. I learn it from my mom over the phone. (thanks to relience - it didn't cost me anything.) We were used to add almost all the vegetables in masala rice depending upon the availability. May be, just to make up for our inability to cook veges!!! :-)

-Aby used to cook mor-curry. He was the one who introduced me to mor-curry(basically a mallu-item) and if not for anything else, I will always be thankful to him for that. I just love it. :-)

-Vivek used to buy vegetables/rice and all other stuffs from outside.
-Sambhar was made by either of us depending upon our mood.

The recipes of these items i'll be posting in my next blog. If you are an adventurous person, I am sure u'll try your hands on the recipes.

BTW, if anyone is seeking for some tips on cooking feel free to mail me!!!! For sure, I will reply you with some suggestion......Right or wrong !!!!


Neel Arurkar said...

Hey ! and you forgot to write about your pani-puri experience at Bangalore:-) . Update the recipes soon. Will try it at home!

Sarang said...

yeah right..... But for that I will have to ask rachit to give his expert comments.

Anonymous said...

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