Thursday, October 06, 2005

Coding at 12.30AM!!!

Well..... first of all, you would have already learnt it from the subject line but still; just to boast of how much I work (:D) let me tell you, It's 12.25AM in my comp's clock. My code is getting deployed and it'll take about 5-6 minutes... so thought of writing a bit!!!

I have a couple of topics to write about... one is the HC's decision allowing marriages of girls older than 15 years (and not 18 years!!!!).
One more topic is about M.K.Ghandhi.. me and Bobby had a furious discussion on this topic yesterday at our room....

But my application ios already deployed(and that too successfully!), so i think I will have to postpone this blogging for atleast a day.....

P.S. don't mind... I am half asleep!!!

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