Sunday, May 17, 2009

Age - 7 weeks

I was looking at the monitor.
My wife asked me 'Do you see anything?' I said, "Yes."
She asked, "What?" I said, "Don't know.... can't understand anything!' :)

Probably the doctor understood what we were talking. He turned the monitor so that my wife could also see it. And then he started explaining it.... Amongst all the medical jargons, one that drew attention was the fetus. The doctor pointed to the fetus... a small dot on the monitor.

Then he zoomed it and I could see it pulsating! The doctor increased the volume and we could hear the sound of the pulsating dot.... the heart-beat of the 7-weeks old fetus along with seeing cardiogram on the screen!

It was an experience.... especially as I was not expecting to see heart in the sonography of 7 week's pregnancy. Learnt later that heart develops withing 3 to 4 weeks itself!!! :)


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