Monday, January 02, 2006

Special wishes for new year.

This weekend - last weekend of the year 2005 - was quite eventful.

Friday evening Chintu & Dattu(friends) landed in bangalore from hyd.

Rachit was going to leave for Pune on Sunday and hence saturday eve was his party.... afterall, he was awaiting for this x'fer for almost two years.

Sunday morning, Rachit left for pune.... Afternoon, chintu n dattu left for hyd... Evening, Bobby came from ahmedabad., after 2 months stint at onsite-london.

Now... the most interesting event of the weekend(!)
Today morning at abt 7.00 am, Yogi was about to leave for office and started searching for his shoes!!!
I heard him cribbing for his shoes... his shoes were not found anywhere.
I woke up... even my shoes were missing..... me, jigar and yogi started looking for the shoes....
Somehow(!) bobby woke up, just to find out that even his shoes were missing!!!

Didn't take long for all of us to realize that it was "New year - wishes" by some crook!!!!
What a start of the new year!!! :-)
But then, so what if my shoes were of Rs.2500, I'll get to wear new shoes in new year, thanks to the #%$@$. (Ppl say one must always think +ve)

We lost 3 pairs of shoes worth Rs.7000 - approx.
But we were not the only ones blessed by the looter... Ppl staying on the first floor of our house (6 software guys) lost abt 10 pairs of shoes worth Rs.15k to 17k.

Anyways.... "Happy and prosperous new year to all of you".... take care of your shoes in the new year. :-)


yogdutt said...

Hi It's yogi here. Me and Sarang has lost our shoes which we had paid in Ruppee. But bobby (the king) has lost his shoes which he purchased from London (in Sterling).

Neel Arurkar said...

Hope you find them at the place suggested by the Policewalah :)

Aby K Samuel said...

Wat a start to the year, guys. Hope this luck stays with u throughout th year :-P

fullmoononearth said...

Lucky u did not loose them on 1st. According to what my friends and I believe
'What happens on the first day continues to happen all through the year.'
Might sound childish but it's fun to be childish at times.

Madhan Karthikeyan said...

It's a good tip of the year, take care of ur shoes :)

Sarang said...

fullmoon - Well... in that case, 3 of my friends got separated from me on 1st of Jan!!! I hope this doesn't continue for whole year!!! ;-)

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