Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Election 2009 - Congress menifesto

General Elections are around the corner and this is definitely a point of debate for ppl.
I will put down my personal preferences for the election -
For me, it is very clear that there are only two parties in India. I strongly believe in voting only for either BJP or Congress. That will spare the country from hung assembly and only a stable government can do something good for the country.
As such, no party (of the two mentioned) is GOOD but then, "The choice is between BAD and WORSE, not between GOOD and BAD. We have no option but to choose BAD."

I will put down my analysis for both the parties -
Purely looking at the development of Gujarat ever since NaMo has taken up the CM Job, I will vote for him without any doubts in the state elections.
But when it comes to center, I get a bit suspicious about voting BJP.
One major reason being I have serious doubts about unity within BJP. Whether they will be able to sustain the government for 5 years is a question. They seem to be having so many internal issues that it is a bit doubtful if they will be able to manage NDA, especially in absence of A.B.Vajpayee. I belive that Vajpayee's strong image was one factor which made other parties feel that they will have to hang around to be in power.

Congress (UPA):
I personally have good enough respect for some of the persons in teh cabinet. Especially Manmohan Singh and P. Chidambaram.
Also, I feel that UPA hasn't been all that bad in last 5 years. At least, there is nothing that UPA didn't do and NDA would have done had NDA been in power.
But certainly UPA has done one things, which would have been avoided had NDA been in power.
The reservation fiasco -
UPA's decision to push reservations in IITs and other Elite institutes was totally wrong decision.
I read their menifesto in today's TOI and again I found these points!
Two of the points in Congress menifesto were "Reservation in Pvt sector" and "Reservation for muslims in education and jobs."
This is rediculous - I am not completely against reservation but there should be a limit. We should gradually reduce reservations. New reservations - be it any cast or community - should be out of question.
Until I read the menifesto in today's TOI, my vote was in favour of UPA.
But now I am very positively thinking about NDA.
Just to reduce chance of such a reservation.

Luv Olweiz.