Monday, October 20, 2014

Indian Govt on reforms spree....

Amidst all the 'hot news' about elections in states of Maharastra and Haryana, BJP Govt has taken some important steps for economic reforms in a very short span of time.
- Labor reforms to boost manufacturing (16-Oct-2014)
- Diesel price deregulation (19-Oct-2014)
- Declared ordinance for e-auction of coal blocks (20-Oct-2014)

On the not-so-positive side though, there have been two criticism on the govt.
- Black money case: Govt expressed inability to declare names of the black money holders until they are charge-sheeted, siting bilateral treaties with the foreign nations
- Possible alliance with NCM may not be seen in very good light considering the image of NCP (Anyways, BJP does not have an option if Shiv-sena remains adamant with excessive demands)

So certainly there are few temporary negatives, it's heartening to see the positive moves for economic development. At least good progress - at decent speed - is happening in terms of economic reforms.